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Real time protection for your information assets - Diligent eSecurity

Protect & Defend

Our services to provide real time protection of our client’s critical information assets include:

  1. Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM)
  2. Continuous Monitoring as a Service (CMaaS)
  3. Cyber Incident Response
  4. Data Breach Coaching
  5. Information Security Program Management
  6. Vulnerability Assessment and Management
    1. Network Vulnerability Scanning
    2. Application Vulnerability Scanning
    3. Database Vulnerability Scanning
    4. Password Cracking
    5. Malware Detection
    6. Wireless Scanning
  7. Log Review
  8. Security Test and Evaluation
  9. Penetration Testing
  10. Risk Assessments
  11. Enterprise Risk Assessment
  12. Network Risk Assessment
  13. Application Risk Assessment
  14. Database Risk Assessment
  15. eCloud Risk Assessment
  16. HIPAA Meaningful Use Security Risk Assessment

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