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Cyber Range

Why Cyber Range Training?

Our cyber range training provides cybersecurity teams with access to cloud-based cyber range platforms, eliminating the need to invest in costly cyber range infrastructure.  Through our cloud-based cyber range, we provide product specific SOC analyst training and certification through our hyper-realistic cyber-attack simulation platform.

We partner with Cloud Range to provide organizations with the world's leading cyber range platform.

Benefits of Cloud Range Training


Custom, Private Network Access

Complete privacy in exercises, configurations, and toolsets  designed to mirror your environment.


Track Progress

Built-in Learning Management System tracks both team and individual detection and response times


Real-world Simualtion

Includes live licenses and choices of industry leading SIEM, firewalls, and other tools from leading manufacturers to reflect your live environment

Cloud Range Features

Cyber Range Sessions and Training

Onsite or virtual simulation training exercises led by our world-class instructors in our customers' own training facilities or via remote access no matter where your SOC team members are in the world.

Custom Cyber Range Solution

Hyper-realistic training on a customized replica of your network to simulate your actual technical infrastructure and environment. Your cyber range can include licensed versions of the same industry-leading security tools that you use every day in the SOC. 

Cloud-Based Cyber Range Platform

Your cyber range can include a dedicated network specifically designed to emulate your own complex network. The simulated environment is injected with traffic, simulating typical activity such as user emails, web-surfing, and server communications.

Cloud Range Services

CR hosted-01-01.png

Hosted Cyber Range

THE WORLD’S MOST INNOVATIVE CYBER RANGE SOLUTION: In order to train in a real-world environment, Cloud Range provides the world’s only simulation experience that uses real industry tools in a customized, cloud-based environment.   Through flexible hosted subscriptions or self-managed environments cyber defenders are immersed in live attacks in a safe environment, allowing them to hone their skills.

CRT SOC Readiness-01.png

SOC Readiness Assessments

Cloud Range’s SOC Readiness Assessments are not only for IT professionals, but also company executives. These assessments evaluate your organization’s cyber readiness under all implications — including technology, communications, legal ramifications, etc.

CR SOC-01.png

SOC Analyst & Team Training

ENSURE YOUR TEAM IS PREPARED FOR FUTURE ATTACKS:  Simulation training from Cloud Range has become and integral part of leading companies’ security programs. We provide SOC Operations Teams the ability to practice and hone their skills on our safe and controlled cyber range environment using unlimited attack scenarios which can be custom-built or selected from our robust library.  

CR OT-01.png

OT Training

The SCADA modules for Cloud Range’s OT Training allows training on real life attacks on SCADA/ICS environment while “feeling” the actual effect on the real-life machinery. Within the training process, both Cyber and OT personnel can use real HMI and OT aspects combined with cyber security aspects.

KnowBe4 Baseline-01.png

SOC Analyst Candidate Assessments

ASSESS SECURITY TALENT BEYOND A RESUME: The cyber skills shortage creates enough challenges in finding security talent. As you’re evaluating SOC Operations and IR Candidates, our assessment tool uses our live virtual cyber range to  determine a candidate’s actual capabilities and practical skills, beyond what is on their resume. 

CR Cap-01.png

Capture the Flag Exercises

As part of Cloud Range evaluation and training, Red Team Trainees build and launch their cyber attack plans, which trainees on the Blue Team defend against. Simultaneously, the instructors that make up the White Team monitor and guide the overall success of the operation.

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