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What is IBM Security ReaQta?

IBM Security ReaQta is an Enpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution that leverages AI to help automatically identify and manage threats.  We partner with IBM to provide organizations with ​IBM Security ReaQta, a best-in-class security platform.

ReaQta leverages exceptional levels of intelligent automation and AI to help detect and remediate known and unknown threats in near real time. With deep visibility across endpoints, it combines expected features, such as MITRE ATT&CK mapping and attack visualizations, with dual-engine AI and automation to propel endpoint security into a zero trust world. 

Benefits of IBM Security ReaQta


Undetectable by Design

Monitors the Operating System (OS) from the outside (Ring-1). Designed to be invisible to malware.


Customized Threat Hunting

Easily create custom detection & response use cases to address compliance or company-specific requirements.


Can Help Reduce False Positives by 80%+

Automatically learns from analyst past decisions and takes actions. Guided and autonomous remediation simplifies and speeds response.

IBM Security ReaQta

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