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What is a Penetration Test?

A Penetration Test is the process of simulating an external or internal attack from threat actors, malicious insiders, non-privileged users or miscellaneous hackers on an organization's infrastructure.

Benefits of a Penetration Test


Identify Business Risks

Identify weaknesses before attackers can exploit them, and improve the effectiveness of your security measures.


Meet Compliance Standards

Ensure your organization meets cybersecurity compliance requirements based on your industry and the types of data you store.


Minimize Risk Exposure

Quantify risk exposure across all of your organization software and hardware assets.

Penetration Testing Methodology

Perform Scans

Our team will perform penetration tests using grey-box and/or white-box methodologies.


Our team will present a report of all the exploited of identified vulnerabilities to the appropriate organization stakeholders.

Recommendations and Remediation

Our team will deliver our recommendations and a plan of action & milestones for remediation.

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