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Diligent eSecurity strives to measure and mitigate organizations’ IT infrastructure risks, and provide the right information to executives, through diligence, consistency and thoroughness, so that they can make the right decisions to protect their organization’s information assets, and thereby achieve peace of mind.

Our mission is to ensure all our clients remain confident that they purchased and implemented the right security solutions to protect their most critical information assets, at the most cost-effective price.

The Full Story

Diligent eSecurity’s founder, Karl Chambers witnessed first-hand the security challenges that business executives faced: the gap between driving innovation and growing their business through the implementation of fast evolving IT infrastructure, and the need to protect their business' most important information assets stored or processed on this infrastructure. As a former military officer, it is no surprise that Karl started to envision a security solution that would bring business executives peace of mind.


Diligent eSecurity was formed in 2002 to be the premier primary Cyber Security and Information Assurance trusted partner to executives in government and commercial enterprises. And over 12 years later, this is still the purpose and goal of Diligent eSecurity. We are not an IT vendor, we strive to be the business executive’s trusted partner who has their best interest at hand and provides solutions to open up a world of possibilities.

Being premier means:

1. We are the first choice for our existing clients every time.

2. We finish every project on time, within budget and with minimum headache to our clients.

3. We provide value to our clients above and beyond the statement of work, by constantly seeking ways to develop and improve our clients' capabilities, processes and procedures.

4. We are recognized by our clients as proven leaders of change in Cyber Security and Information Assurance.

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