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Trusted Partner

Diligent eSecurity serves organizations in the Commercial Sector as a trusted Cyber Security and Information Assurance partner. We have supported organizations across multiple industries to include Financial Services, Manufacturing, Technology and Hospitality. In each organization, Diligent eSecurity has heavily influenced their approach to cybersecurity, giving them the peace-of-mind to focus on what they do best.

Our Commercial Experience

Experts in Cybersecurity Controls Assessment

Determine the effectiveness of the cybersecurity controls protecting your enterprise network and critical data; and determine the associated risks to an your critical data.

Vulnerability Assessments

Identify the gateways by which threats can manifest from outside and/or within your organization’s infrastructure.

Penetration Testing

Simulate an external attack from threat actors or hackers, and/or an internal attack from a standard domain user with non-privileged access.

How Diligent Helps the Commercial Sector


Policy & Procedure Development


Penetration Testing


Risk Assessments


Cybersecurity Training


Vulnerability Assessments

Ready to discuss your cybersecurity challenges?

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