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How do you detect and respond to cyber incidents?

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How Diligent Helps You Respond

We help you Respond in determining the appropriate activities and actions to take following a detected cybersecurity incident. The Respond function supports the ability to detect, contain the impact of a potential cybersecurity incident.  Futher, we also help you to ensure a timely recovery to normal operations, reducing the impact of a cybersecurity incident to the organization.

How to Respond


Establish Continuous Monitoring

Continuously monitor cybersecurity events and verify the effectiveness of protective measures including network and physical activities.


Establish Automated Response

Ensure automated response and recovery activities to effectively address security incidents in a timley manner.


Improve Organization Reslience

Incorporate lessons learned from current and previous detection / response activities

Data Center

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)


Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

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